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Purrnelope's Country Club

Model Claim - (discount code required)

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Yes, the models are here! Hopefully you are ready for step 4! Here are the steps you need to do to make sure we can get your model into your paws!

Step 1) Make sure you have 5 model cat NFTs that look like these on opensea

Step 2) Burn the required 5 Model Cat NFTs over on our website -

Step 3) Once you have that transaction, please open a ticket on our discord and provide us with the transaction along with which PCC # you would like your model to be based on, also your .pcc.eth ENS subdomain if you would like that included!

Step 4) You will then receive a 100% off discount shopify code for you to “buy” whichever of the three possible bodies you would like to claim and all details for the shipping will be provided there.

Step 5) Add the model to your basket and checkout, don't forget to use the discount code!

Step 6) Enjoy your hand painted model of your purr!

Phase 1 of models processed, phase 2 now open. Shipping expected to be roughly 12 weeks.

If you have any questions please do come to our discord and ask us!

Product Information

Made to order, hand painted models.

Model dimensions:

Height = 3.75 inches / 9.5cm

Width = 2.6 inches / 6.5cm